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thread lift peoria az

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All of us fall victim to the visible signs of aging when our faces give in to gravity, lose fat and start to cause problems from drooping eyebrows and sagging jowls. How can mature facial skin be lifted, tightened and contoured without any surgery at all? The answer lies in one of the finest non-surgical procedures that is completely safe, minimally invasive and is one of the most popular and effective face lift treatments on the market today: the PDO Thread lift.

The treatment introduces threads made of Polydioxanone (PDO) deep into the skin’s tissue, which automatically lifts and tightens it. PDO is a colorless, crystalline non-animal based polymer and is a biodegradable synthetic. The main advantage of it being biodegradable is that it is peacefully absorbed by your body and completely disappears, within anywhere from four to six months.

Surpassing former surgical methods

It has a long established safety record in face lift treatments that first started in Korea and is the best alternative solution to the more traditional plastic surgery. In addition, though the most popular areas of treatment are around the face, the procedure can be delivered by our PDO thread lift team practically anywhere for example to tighten up a droopy stomach, sagging upper arms or thighs.

How can PDO Thread lifting help your skin?

  • Instantaneously lifts your skin
  • It will help to repair and rejuvenate your skin’s cells by enhancing the production of collagen
  • With increased collagen and neovascularization, which is the production of new blood cells, your skin’s texture will be vastly improved, fine lines will be reduced and your skin’s elasticity, enhanced.
  • Your skin gets tighter and more contoured thanks to the fat tissue that is automatically contracted.


Since it is minimally invasive, it does not involve any cuts or incisions but simple injections. To start with, the area under treatment will be numbed with an anesthetic. A small hollow needle, which is called a cannula, is the instrument that transports and anchors the PDO thread at varying depths of the skin’s layers. Once they are inserted, the threads mechanically lift and reposition the skin, while softening the tissue. Now that the lift is in place, the needle is gently removed without causing any scars and any excess thread that remains is simply cut away. The treatment is very quick and takes under half an hour at the most and any discomfort you may feel is a minuscule trade off for the amazing results you will witness down the line.

What are the side effects?

Our physicians prescribe only the most effective medication. Keep in mind that these might differ between patients depending on your respective requirements. There might be slight swelling or bruising that will last for a few days at the most, but nothing extraordinary that a little ice won’t soothe. Even if in the extremely rare case that the sutures become subtly visible under the skin, they can be effortlessly removed and fresh threads inserted in their place. From anywhere between 1 to 2 weeks, when signs of swelling or bruising have completely abated, you will notice a vast difference in your skin.

It might take you a little while to recognize that taut, beautifully contoured “V” shape face staring back at you from the mirror and one that is so reminiscent of your younger, carefree days. Four to six months after the procedure, the inserted PDO threads completely disappear through hydrolysis, as a waste byproduct of the body. However, the face lift will last for an additional 3 to 6 months after the threads have gone thanks to the cellular renewal they have initiated. In addition, the increased collagen production in your skin will continue to show long after the threads are gone. So, what lasts is not the threads, but their effect.

Later if you feel the need to undergo the treatment again, you can by all means because not only is its safe, but it will also reinforce the cellular rejuvenation and collagen stimulation which will in turn keep you looking younger, for longer.

The reason the PDO thread lift is so popular all over America and here at Artem Aesthetics and Wellness is because Polydioxanone is absolutely safe and harmless, the threads can be easily inserted and the results are startling, with only minimal side effects. Plus, because you are in the safe hands of our most sought after physician, Dr. Stephanie Daniel, you will walk away feeling and looking younger than ever before.