Joint Injections

Regain Movement and Flexibility


Joint injections are used for treating joint pain. Joints are the places in the body where the bones connect, allowing us to move different parts of our body. Therefore, if any joint suffers damage or is injured, this really compromises or even completely restricts movement and flexibility. Moreover, this can really be a painful experience.

Millions of people across the globe suffer from joint pain, whether it is their hips, knees, shoulders, or necks which are affected. Anyone who experiences joint pain knows just how debilitating the condition can be. The worst part is that oral medications and ointments hardly ever work to ease the pain and promote healing of the inflammation. This is where joint injections come in.

At Artem Aesthetics and Wellness, we understand the physical and emotional pain associated with joint pain and just how much it can affect your life. Dr. Stephanie Daniel, a trained professional who has helped treat a number of joint pain patients, can help you find the right solution to alleviate your pain.

Who is an ideal candidate for joint injections?

Joint injections can benefit anyone who experiences joint pain. If you experience joint pain that does not go away for a long time, especially even after taking oral medication and/or applying ointments and the likes, then receiving joint injections from a trusted and trained doctor is a great treatment solution.

Those who suffer from arthritis, a condition that results in enlargement and inflammation of the joints, are common recipients of joint injections. Moreover, most joint injection patients constitute people who have injury to the joints because of an accident or any other physical trauma. If you identify with any of these, visit Artem Aesthetics and Wellness and Dr. Stephanie Daniel will help you decide the right solution for you.

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Types of joint injections

There are different types of joint injections which can be used for different parts of the body and the unique, individual condition of each patient. Not all patients of joint pain have the same experience, and the type of injection to be used will also differ accordingly. Factors such as the degree and intensity of the pain, which part of the body is affected and other physical conditions of the patient helps determine the type of joint injection to be used.

Outline of the types of join injections:

Corticosteroid injections

These are the most common types of joint injections. When people are talking about joint injections, they are most likely referring to corticosteroid injections. They usually contain a corticosteroid along with a local anesthetic. While the corticosteroid help suppress inflammation of the joints and relieves pain in the long haul, the local anesthetic is for short-term, early pain relief. Corticosteroid injections are mostly used for treating osteoarthritis symptoms as well as joint pain in the knees, hips and shoulders.

Hyaluronic Acid Injections

And PRP, PTM Treatments

Hyaluronic acid injections are also known as HA, are an alternative in cases where corticosteroid injections don’t do the job. However, hyaluronic acid injections are usually only used in the knee. If a patient does not show any signs of inflammation but still complains of a joint pain, the doctor may even consider this type of joint injection first. Additionally, hyaluronic acid injections are better for diabetic patients as corticosteroids may raise the blood sugar levels.

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) Injections

Platelet-rich plasma injections or PRP make use of the patient’s own blood and platelets to help you ease your joint pain. Dr. Daniel is trained in PRP injections and have been providing it to a number of patients for years. Such joint injections are mostly used for treating osteoarthritis as they have been shown to be able to alter the immune system so as to reduce inflammation.

Placental Tissue Matrix (PTM) Injections

Placental tissue matrix or PTM injections, as the name suggests, make use of placental tissue to help relieve joint pain. The placental tissue is obtained from the delivery of a healthy baby by a healthy mother. This is based on research findings that show that placental tissue has plenty of growth factors that help to promote healing and pain relief.