Hydro Microdermabrasion Peoria, AZ

Zero Downtime and No Side Effects



With the advancement of skin care technology, scientists are discovering new treatments that appeal to a wider, growing audience. One of these latest innovations is an offshoot of microdermabrasion, which exfoliates the skin and delivers the same results that the crystal technology does, but without the crystals.

Hydro microdermabrasion uses water jets instead. If you have extremely sensitive skin, this treatment is right up your alley because besides being gentle,this completely non-invasive procedure is soothing and will leave your skin feeling fresh, rejuvenated and hydrated.

From hyperpigmentation to mild scarring and acne to blackheads, this revolutionary therapy is a versatile solution that works across the board. If you have visible signs of aging, like dark spots and blemishes or fine lines and wrinkles, hydro microdermabrasion will help reduce those spots, smooth out those lines and completely revitalize your skin.

In case you have oily skin, this treatment can actually work to make your skin less oily and go one step further by helping with shrinking those pores to inhibit dirt from entering them. If you have dark circles under your eyes or suffer from puffy eyes and you want a mild, relaxing therapy that is gentle but at the same time effective enough, our microdermabrasion Peoria, AZ team has you covered.


A state of the art technology that employs two of the most important elements in nature – oxygen and water, to exfoliate the skin, hydro microdermabrasion is one of the gentlest treatments in the market today. The device used to flush out those impurities is a diamond tipped wand with a supersonic nozzle attachment. High velocity but small jets of water and oxygen are applied on the area being treated.

Distilled water, saline or a combination of vitamin and mineral rich water is used. These jets carefully dislodge and remove the dirt clogging the pores, break down the damaged outer layer of the skin and expose a cleaner, fresher surface. They also work to enhance the blood circulation in the skin that helps stimulate not only the production of collagen but of elastin as well. Once the little jets have done their job, a specially formulated hydrating serum is infused into skin with the help of the wand. So in addition to being a good cleansing facial, it is a rejuvenating one as well. Since the procedure is so forgiving on the skin, it can be administered on all skin types and complexions.


Once the treatment is done, which should take about half an hour, your skin might be pinkish in spots but that color will soon be overtaken by glowing, beautiful skin. In addition, your skin will also feel tender to the touch and hydrated as well. Since the procedure is extremely gentle and completely non-invasive, you will have no discomfort or any irritation at all. Au contraire, it will feel so soothing and calming that you will want to do it time and time again. To top it all, the results are visible straight after the treatment and they linger because of the booster your collagen and elastin has received.


With practically zero downtime and no side effects, hydro microdermabrasion has become the go-to therapy for red carpet events, weddings, anniversaries and birthday parties alike. But the best news is yet to come.

Thanks to the procedure using Dermalinfusion technology, which can be customized to suit individual requirements, your skin care specialist can actually tweak the serum to include only the best active ingredients that your skin needs. For example, if you have an acne issue, salicylic acid can be used or if you want to turn back the clock, vitamin C works wonders.

Experience excellent care and personalized attention:

Whatever your skin condition, we can treat it here with our microdermabrasion Peoria, AZ team at Artem Aesthetics & Wellness. Our much sought after Medical Director, Dr. Stephanie Daniel, leads a team of excellent physicians and technicians who base their philosophy on personalizing the best care and designing a holistic treatment plan that will help you look you and feel your best.

They specialize in tailoring skin care treatments to target individual needs, which is why hydro microdermabrasion is one of our most popular wellness services. With no zero downtime and side effects and exceptional results it has become the holy grail of skincare for millions worldwide. No wonder celebrities like Charlize Theron swear by it.

microdermabrasion peoria az

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