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Exfoliate and Refresh your Skin

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What do chemical peels actually do? Formulated to get rid of damaged and dead skin cells on the face, neck and hands, this cosmetic treatment uses a chemical solution to exfoliate the skin revealing a fresh and rejuvenated surface. As a result the skin is clearer, bouncier, has reduced marks, less wrinkles and feels soft to the touch as well. Our team delivers the top chemical peel Peoria, AZ has to offer.

Chemical peels fall into three categories – superficial, medium and deep. What’s great about them is that they are low maintenance and low tech so they’re less intimidating, unlike more invasive techniques on the market. Besides, they also yield pretty much the same results as more intense techniques like lasers.

Why get a chemical peel?

If you have fine lines that you want to reduce, acne scars and other scars that you have suffered with for too long, hyperpigmentation, melisma or even uneven sun spots and dark spots that you want to bid adieu to, then this solution will let you do just that. In addition, peels also work wonders if you just want to turn back the clock on your aging skin and reduce crow’s feet, smooth out those wrinkles and even improve your skin’s tone and texture.

Are they safe?

Chemical peels are exceptionally safe, low risk treatments that use an acid to work the magic. Alpha-hydroxy acid that mildly exfoliates is used in the superficial, mildest peels. Glycolic or trichloroacetic acid or phenol, which is great at removing damaged skin cells is used in the more intense peels. What kind of peel is administered really depends on which issues you want treated and which one would best do the job. The bottom line is, chemical peels are one of the safest skin care treatments on the market today when administered by adequately qualified professionals like a board-certified dermatologist or a trained skin specialist.


At Artem Aesthetics & Wellness though, we go many steps further. Dr. Stephanie Daniel, our Medical Director, is a highly accomplished and experienced doctor, and she leads a team of experienced physicians here at our medspa. Their philosophy is anchored in providing the best customized care and a whole-person treatment plan that is designed to make you look and feel your best.

Not only do we provide a serene and calming environment for your treatment but you will also have access to one of the most sought after physicians in the state.

Process of receiving a chemical peel:

During the treatment, a chemical solution containing the acid is applied onto the specific area being treated. The acid is mild enough to not harm your skin but on the contrary strong enough to work on its imperfections. Through exfoliation, the upper damaged skin gently peels off, exposing a softer, smoother, blemish-less under layer. The amount of downtime depends on the type of peel. Light peels require hardly any downtime at all and you will be fine to get back to your routine anywhere from one to seven days.

A medium peel may take anywhere from one to two weeks to recover from and some side effects include swelling, blistering and old skin crusting up and peeling off. Deep peels on the other hand have slightly longer recovery period of anywhere from two to three weeks and the treated area will be bandaged. For both the medium and deep peels, you will need to follow a post-procedural routine at home. As with all our treatments, you will be well informed and well taken care off from start to finish because at our medspa we don’t just believe in customer satisfaction. We believe in customer delight. The question is – are you willing to trade in a little down time for a whole new world of looking and feeling your best?

In 2015, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported a staggering increase in the number of chemical peels performed, up by 25% compared to the previous year. Every year the demand for this absolutely safe, non-invasive procedure is growing by leaps and bounds. Which is why it is one of the most popular treatments at our medspa today. All you need to do is call our team and schedule the best chemical peel Peoria, AZ can give you!

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