Our Philosophy

Devoted to helping you improve your aesthetic appeal and well-


Artem Aesthetics and Wellness is devoted to helping you improve your aesthetics and well-being. Our team here shares a passion to help others, to care for them and help them heal, and this has been our driving force over the years.

Dr. Stephanie Daniel, the owner and Medical Director at Artem Aesthetics and Wellness, strongly believes in her favorite quote, which goes, “Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.” These have been her guiding words for all her years in the profession, which means that this is the belief that this Arizona medspa was built upon. As members of the Artem family, we have chosen to adopt this belief as well. Ever since then, it has influenced every value our family holds dear.

Artem Aesthetics and Wellness always chooses to work closely with you so we can understand your needs and goals better, thereby helping you realize and achieve your aesthetic and wellness goals in a more wholesome and holistic manner.



Dr. Daniel is deeply devoted to helping others. In fact, her devotion to helping others and caring for them is what led her to choose medicine as her profession. Every day, she comes to work, ready to help all kinds of people with different problems – help care for them, help them heal and work on treating and correcting any complaint that they may have.

This genuine passion for what we do is what brings the team closer together, and what inspires us to do better every day. Ask any of the clients who have been coming to us for years why they choose us over others again and again, they are most likely to tell you that it’s because they feel comfortable, safe and genuinely cared for with us. Our ability to provide such an environment is what really sets us apart from our competitors and also, what keeps each of our clients so loyal to us. at Artem Aesthetics and Wellness, our commitment to helping others feel like their best version of themselves is what motivates us to help more people like you every day.

Often, patients report that they feel extremely comfortable being in the care of Dr. Daniel. Not surprisingly, she is known and celebrated for her approachability and friendliness, not to mention her unmatched skills and knowledge. However, it is not just Dr. Daniel who is loved for her welcoming behavior. Even the staff here is often complimented for their courteousness and ease of availability. Whatever you may need, our friendly staff here at Artem Aesthetics and Wellness is always ready and more than willing to help you out.

As soon as you take your first steps inside our medspa, until the moment you leave after your appointment or procedure, you will see for yourself the Artem difference. From the way we interact with you, our state-of the-art products and equipment, to our clean, hygienic and welcoming office, you will see for yourself why our patients choose us time and again.