A truly deeply passionate doctor, bringing out the best in you

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The Founder of Artem Aesthetics & Wellness

“Every woman [everyone] wants to feel beautiful, but often we’re frustrated by a feature that we’ve never grown to love. Or time catches up with us and things don’t look quite how they used to.

I understand. Our culture today is visually-driven, with social media and the pressure to look young and attractive–no matter the age. When we don’t feel like we live up to society’s expectations, it leads to self-criticism and a lack of confidence that impacts every area of our lives.

I’m a board-certified medical doctor with extensive training in cosmetic procedures and treatments. I’m constantly researching and educating myself on new options that work for my clients. I also have an eye for beauty and will help you decide the best course of action for your desired results.

I started Artem Aesthetics and Wellness because I want to help both men and women feel more confident and more attractive. Getting older doesn’t mean you have to age gracefully. It means you can become that attractive, confident person you always aspired to be.

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Today, more and more people have realized just how much of an impact both aesthetics and wellness have on your quality of life.

As such, the need for a good doctor who is not only great with technical skills and knowledge, but who really has a passion to help people and understand their goals is higher than ever.

Dr. Stephanie Daniel, at Artem Aesthetics and Wellness is that doctor. As both the owner and the Medical Director of this upscale Peoria medspa, she has had years of experience caring for patients who come to her with all kinds of complaints.

Apart from her first-hand experience successfully treating patients using a wide range of medication and procedures, she has all the qualifications and credentials needed too. Dr. Daniel has double-majors in both Pre-Medicine and Psychology, and also graduated with a medical degree at Ross University School of Medicine. She completed her Residency at the prestigious St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona.


In addition to this list of qualifications, Dr. Daniel has received training in Aesthetics-Botox, Fillers, Joint Injections, PRP, and Mesotherapy. Always determined to improve her understanding and skills, she has also received training in Aesthetic Concepts including balance, proportions, symmetry, and the “golden ratio” known as PHI, which was used by Leonardo da Vinci in his famous paintings. This has helped her achieve a better understanding of her craft, which has in turn, led to better results and happier clients.

To widen her services and sharpen her craft, Dr. Daniel also spent years studying anti-aging medicine, medically supervised weight loss, and joint injections. She also offers PRP and stem cells for our joint injections here at Artem Aesthetics and Wellness in North Peoria, Arizona.

What makes Dr. Stephanie Daniel such a well-rounded doctor that stands out from competitors is that she is truly and deeply passionate about helping other people. In fact, she likes lending a helping hand so much that she chose medicine as her profession. As the Medical Director and owner of Artem Aesthetics and Wellness, she is able to reach out to hundreds of people and help care for them, help them heal and work on correcting any complaint that they may have.

This genuine passion for what she does has really shown in her everyday life. Many of our clients have been coming to us loyally for years and if you ask them why they choose us over others again and again, they are most likely to tell you that it’s because they feel comfortable, safe and cared for.

Dr. Daniel’s commitment to helping others feel like their best version of themselves is what drives her to do better and help more people every day. In fact, she runs her practice, always keeping in mind her favorite quote, which goes “Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.” These have been her guiding words for years, helping form her values and morals both as a person and a professional.